Bandcamp Comes Forward To Help Indie Artists

Bandcamp Comes Forward To Help Indie Artists. Bandcamp’s new program opens up a vinyl pressing service to 10,000 indie artists, offering musicians a path into the physical format that is defying the trends of the streaming era

Bandcamp is gearing up for a wider release of its vinyl pressing service — giving indie artists more access to one of the few growing physical music formats in a digital-heavy marketplace. Bandcamp launched its pilot program for the pressing service last year, and on Thursday, the company opened up access to 10,000 more artists, noting that it will continue a wider rollout to more artists throughout 2021.

The new service could be a significant development for independent musicians looking to sell vinyl records but unable to afford it. With only a few vinyl plants in operation across the world, vinyl pressing costs can be too large an expense for many DIY artists. But vinyl is the one legacy medium that has actually grown in the streaming era — and as CD sales consistently dropped in the last decade, vinyl actually outsold CD purchases during the first half of last year in the U.S., according to a report from RIAA. Vinyl sales revenue totaled $232 million in the first half of last year, representing 62% of all physical product sales.

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